26 reports were presented at the 3rd APMT-2020 conference. The abstracts of the reports can be found by the following link.

Conference Proceedings book is available online: 

The Organizing Committee has decided to recommend the publication of papers:  «Gas-phase crosslinking of the lignin on the nano-scale fumed silica surface»  by Nosach L.V., Voronin E.F., Sevastyanova O. and «The influence of nanoparticles of metal oxides on the formation of microfibrile polypropylene in the copoliamide matrix» by Rezanova N. M., Budash Yu. O., Plavan V. P.  the journal «Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology» which is published by the Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University and indexed in the scientific metric database (Scopus).

Papers «Study of the influence of sand content and modifying additives on the properties of polymer-concrete compositions» by Novak D.S., Bereznenko N.M., Seredenko A.A., Pishchulin O.H. and «Application of polymeric materials in combined water treatment technologies»    Shtepa V.M., Plavan V.P., Zaiets N.A., Krynytska N.  were recommended by the organizing committee for publication in the scientific journal «Bulletin of KNUTD. Engineering Sciences (Specialty 161 – Chemical Technology and Engineering, Category B).